Law Enforcement Audio-Video Interview Systems

For use by Law Enforcemnet, Detectives, and other agencies requiring an audio and video digital recording system.

  • Turnkey solutions includes hardware and software.
  • PC - Windows based system and software.
  • Single camera to multiple camera capable.
  • IP based solution can be viewed on your network.
  • POE (power ever ethernet) eliminates separate power supply to camera and microphone
  • Megapixel, color, dome camera, surface mount.
  • High gain, sensitive, wall mount microphone.
  • Covert wall microphone appears to be only a call button.
  • Records in RAW format directly to PC hard drive.
  • Rename video files, archive, or burn for evidence for use in court room.
  • Monitor recording from other computers on your network.
  • Included player software with video recordings ensures playback on any windows PC or laptop.
  • System includes, PC, Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse, Speakers, Battery Protection (UPS), Software, Camera with surface mounting plate, Microphone, 8 port switch, POE microphone adapter.